Expansion of Businesses
If you are planning to expand your commercial activities in your home country or if you are interested in establishing a new branch in the Czech Republic, then we are able to help you achieve your goals. We will stand by you from the start to the end by submitting all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, obtaining all the legal rights and authorizations, and in every step of the way until your business becomes fully operational

Participate in projects
If you don't have what it takes to establish your own commercial plan, then we invite you to come and talk with us. At DIACCO, we are able to participate and cooperate in your project and make it happen for you. Examples of such previous participations are as follow: We imported life dependent medications into Iran which helped save many lives. At this time we are working with two different pharmaceutical companies in Czech Republic, COLUSOR s.r.o. and RETIA a.s. In the field of Radio Frequency Links, we obtained the necessary authorization from ALCOMA a.s for distributing their products and to offer after-sale services for such products in the Middle East. We are now working on establishing our new project "Software Outsourcing Solution" for the European market